In 2009, it took a spring of an idea for two canadian students to engineer a product that may neutralize every obstacle the modern-day communication is associated with. Who knew that an amazing application was in the making inside the establishment of University of Waterloo? It was KIK messenger, which get launched in October 2010, and soon sprouted up to become a big changemaker in the sphere of instant messaging environment. Today, KIK messenger rides to skies on the user base of 200 million, and this level of achievement isn’t going to vary a mark moving ahead.

A Breakdown on KIK

KIK is an instant messaging application, thick with the hottest trends, and has been dominating all opponents, such as WhatsApp and BBM, in the every facet of the game. Going by the ingredients of its make-up, KIK facilitates conversations by making them happen in the real-time with the support of a Wi-Fi connection, or a smartphone with an internet top-up.

This means, KIK Messenger allows users to send and read unlimited messages instantly for free, and with no extraordinary loss of time.

Using KIK, users have an access to a mechanism that help them send texts, pictures, video, voice recordings and other forms of content to the recipients around the world. KIK Messenger is accessible for Android, iPhone and Windows devices.


However, that’s not all that complete its credentials. There is more to KIK that meets the eye.

KIK Features That You Might Not Aware of, But Needed to Know

#1. KIK slays all with its user-friendly, as-easy-as-ABC interface that makes users develop a serious habit of it. Once users starts operating it, he/she is likely to scout around the app like a pro of the pros, as the application is extremely easy, well-devised and clutter-free.

#2. KIK Messenger has been able to penetrate the market of instant messaging like a thunder, owing to its capacity of enabling users help search the web within its domain.

#3. KIK uses the names of the users for identification, and doesn’t put the personal information in the public glare. Therefore, there is a plenty of defensive works for the personal information.

#4. To all those who wish to send KIK invitation to friends still not on the app, they can do it either through SMS, email or social media sites.

#5. KIK keeps conversations riveting by providing a trolley of stickers and emojis that users can send to family and friends. It also has a typing notification feature.

#6. Group chat is available for KIK users. However, the maximum amount of people a user can add in a group is 10.

#7. Recently, KIK has unveiled an excellent feature where users can share the previously recorded videos to their contacts.

#8.  KIK users have a candid name – Kiksters.

Downloading KIK for PC -Windows 10/8/7

As described in the starting phase of this post, KIK is accessible for Android, iPhone and Windows devices. But, if anyone has to download Kik for PC, seeking the help of an Android emulator ‘Andyroid’ is the idea that doesn’t let him/her struggle.

Here, there is a foolproof guide on how to download KIK for Windows.

Step One

In the first place, download ‘Andyroid’, the emulator by reaching its official portal ‘‘. Start downloading the emulator, and once the downloading ends, look for the emulator in the ‘downloads’ folder.


Step Two

Click the ‘Andyroid’ button after crossing over a series of steps, asking for the confirmation. Coming all the way, the user will notice a significant change in his/her desktop due to the availability of Andyroid, which will convert the Windows environ to that of Android.


Step Three

Now, user must tap on the ‘Google Play’ icon, and use his/her Gmail account details to sync the data. If KIK has already been installed on the device, the application will synchronize everything on its own.


Step Four

Proceeding further, search for KIK Messenger, and press the download option to use it. Once the downloading ends, double-click the icon, fill in the details (Username and Password), and move ahead. And, now you’ll be able use Kik on PC.


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How to Download KIK for PC using BlueStacks

For downloading KIK on PC using BlueStacks, one needs to have an active Google Play Store account. The process is enumerated below:

  • As for an initial step, a user must download BlueStacks emulator on the device, and make it functional by entering the crucial details.
  • Once the download finishes, the user must type ‘KIK Messenger’ on the search toolbar, and hit on the downloading option to get a step further.
  • Now, KIK  is in the operational state on the system. But, to access it fully, the user will be required to fill in the details.
  • KIK  for PC is ready to swing on.

KIK for Windows 10

KIK Messenger is Windows 10 friendly, provided that a user download the messaging application using an emulator (Andyroid or BlueStacks). The process is as easy and fast as it is for Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Hope, now you can easily download Kik for computer using both procedure.