Top 10 Apps Like Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a great app to communicate with your friends or family. But, let’s face it! Not everyone is on Kik yet. So, in order to chat with those who are not using this messaging app, you may have to look for alternatives. Also, the Kik account is not associated with a particular phone number, and thus it becomes easy to create spam accounts. This is why many are not comfortable using this app.

If you are also looking for the best alternatives of Kik, here are best 10 Apps like Kik messenger.



Well, this is an app that needs no introduction. WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app across the world. It already has more than 2 billion active users. Almost everyone who has a smartphone uses this app. WhatsApp has now, very recently, added the video calling functionality too. You can download the APK now from WhatsApp’s website. WhatsApp account is tied to your phone number. Therefore, the chances of creating fake accounts are very slim. After all, how many phone numbers would one buy to send spam messages?



If you are looking for an app that bears the closest resemblance to Kik Messenger, then arguably WeChat is the best. WeChat, honestly, is not a very popular app. Since there is no inter-app communication with the messaging apps, you may not be able to communicate with many friends with it. Nonetheless, the app is growing in popularity. In a very short time, since its inception, it had acquired lots of users worldwide. WeChat is one of the best apps like Kik messenger.

Facebook Messenger:


Messenger is quite like Kik in many ways. For the starters, it allows video and voice calling as well as text chatting, just like Kik. Messenger is one of the most downloaded messaging apps of the world. It is an easy way to use your Facebook account to chant independently from the main Facebook app. This app focuses only on the messenger services. But, this app can only be used to chat with the people who are on Facebook. The question is – who is not?



While talking about the messaging apps that are similar to Kik, Viber too can come pretty close. Besides offering you the ability to send text chats, you can also make voice and video calls. In fact, you can also use this app to make calls to mobile and landline phones all over the world at a very reasonable price.



This is another app that requires little introduction. In fact, Skype is the pioneer of all-inclusive messaging. It was the very first apps to introduce VoIP calling. Skype offers a very easy and intuitive UI. The layout of the app is totally free of any clutter. Even the beginners can use this app with incredible ease. Even though lots of such apps have already hit the market, Skype still continues to be useful to the millions of people. Especially, professionals and business people prefer using Skype over other apps.

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The app isn’t truly much heard of; but that’s because it is a very new entrant in this field. And, in a very short span of time, Telegram has managed to acquire many users. If you are looking for something similar to Kik Messenger, you should definitely try it.



If truth be told, SnapChat isn’t quite like Kik messenger. However, if you are looking for alternatives, do give it a try. It offers a unique and very innovative way to chat with the friends, family, and other people. The messages sent or received using SnapChat get deleted automatically after some time. Snapchat is also similar app like kik messenger.

Yahoo Messenger:


Yahoo Messenger is arguably the oldest messaging app there is. It has been around probably since Internet went the GUI way. Not a lot of people use this app these days, but many are still there.



One of the biggest benefits of Slack is that it lets you send large files to the other users. While it may not be the best alternative to kick, if you are running a business you may find it pretty useful.



Just like Telegram, Discord is also quite new here. This app is rapidly becoming popular among the gamers across the world.

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