How To Find Groups On Kik

Those who use Kik know how the group chatting is trending with this app these days. In fact, those who haven’t used the app yet are getting it on their smartphone to explore the Kik Groups. What exactly is Kik Group anyway? Well, the name itself explains that it is a group of people talking to each other over chat. So, what’s new about it? Every messenger offers group chat; you can create your own if you want to. What’s different with Kik Group is that you can join a group which may not necessarily have been created by one of your friends; you can be among the total strangers.

Usually, these groups are created by individuals or organizations for specific purposes. For instance, a company might create a group for its brand to promote it further. An individual may want start a group to discuss some topic. It has been noticed that some people create groups to hang out with others. They find the ‘Kik’ in spending time with the strangers.

Irrespective of your reason, if you wish to become the part of a group, continue reading.

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Finding the Groups on Kik

A lot of times it is the hit and trial you need to rely upon. By using the relevant keywords during search, there is a great chance you may stumble upon the desired group. For instance, if you wish to join the group of civil engineers, you could search for it using the keyword ‘civil engineer’.

This is quite a specific search. If you think that such a search is not yielding you any results, you could also look up on the social media pages. There are some hosts of the Kik Groups who have use social media to promote their groups. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the social media channels you can use to look up for the desired groups.

Some groups exist but there isn’t much activity there. You may have to join several groups before you are able to find the right one.

Joining the Groups on Kik

Primarily there are two ways you can be the part of the group chat. If you have been invited by one of the group members or the admin to join the chat, you could become the part of it instantly. The other way is to look up for the type of group you want to join and send the request.

Some groups are open, while the others are closed. With the open group you don’t need the permission of the admin to join the group. If the group is ‘closed’ or ‘private’ the request will be sent to the admin and your joining will be contingent upon the approval.

If you have the QR code of a particular code, you can open the scanner screen through the app and point the camera of your phone to the code.

If you have a friend who is already in the group you want to join, you can ask them to send you the invite.


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Joining the Group with group Kik Code

You need the latest version of Kik to be able to use the code to join the group. Whether you are using iOS or Android, you can join a group by scanning the group code. Here is how:

  • From the main screen of the app where chat lists appear, from the top pull down the code scanner screen
  • Hold up the camera against the group code to scan it

Joining with Kik group hashtag

If you don’t have the code, but you have group hashtag, you can still join the group. This method is mostly used by those who have the older version of the app.

  • 1. Go to the main chat list screen of the app and:

– On your iOS device tap the icon labelled ‘Talk To’ on the top right

– On your Android phone, the same icon is at the bottom right

  • 2. You will see the search bar, enter the hashtag there
  • 3. The name of the group will appear; you can tap on the name to access the Info screen
  • 4. You can tap and join the group

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