Getting the right gas connection can save a lot of money in the long run

A gas connection is one of the most significant connections that a household could require. It stays right up there with water and electricity. Many people think that it makes sense to skip getting a gas connection for various reasons, mainly because they think that there are better alternatives out there and that they might save a few bucks. However, in the long run, gas does help people save and is a cleaner substitute.



What are the options when it comes to getting a gas connection?

Multiple companies provide decent options in this department, however, the three major ones in India are, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Indane. These are the most popular and together cover the largest part of the country.



How do applicants pick from the three options?

Being the most significant ones in the country, it is common for people to choose from any of the options. However, in some of the places, some are better accessible and at a better price point     as the others. This would take some research at the end of the applicant, and they would have to check delivery schedules along with the pricing. Additionally, the application process is also quite tedious in some of the cases, and that could be something that deters users from using a specific gas service.


Post finding the right company, applications would have to handle the application process to get the connection. In some urban parts of the country, gas is being provided through pipes instead of cylinders but these would also need the application process handled.


How to get a gas connection?

The easiest way of getting a gas connection is by filling out the form available on the website. It would take most applicants about ten minutes and they would have to submit some documents that they would ideally have lying around. Post this, applicants would be told when they would receive their gas card and all their documents would be processed and verified at the backend of the website.



What are the documents needed when applying for a gas connection?

Applicants would have to prove that they own the premises that they are living in. In the exception that they are renting it out, they might have to get the connection in the name of the owner. Additionally, they would have to prove their identities as well.


Some of the documents they would need are:

  • Rent agreement or information showing that they own the house
  • Aadhaar card / Passport / Drivers licence
  • Electricity / Water bill (in the name of the same person with the same address as the forms)


All these documents would have to be uploaded along with the application forms on the website. Once the card is ready, the company usually sends a team to the house to connect the gas    system in the kitchen allowing the applicants to begin using it immediately.