How to apply for the UP ration card?

UP Ration card is an essential part of identification proof as well as a document that helps the people to be benefited by various government schemes. The ration card has been provided to the individuals by the food and logistics department of the government. One of the golden and primary benefits of applying for a ration card is that individuals can get food grains at a much lower subsidised rate. This is a grand scheme filling the stomach of poor and below poverty line people. Ration card in UP helps in survival, and hence it is an excellent part of the government initiatives. It can be utilised as a proof in many other related schemes that have been announced by the government of India.

How to apply for a ration card?

It is essential to understand that ration card Seva is not entirely available online yet. The process has to be completed in offline mode only. The first form for ration card application However has to be taken from an online portal.

To apply for the UP ration card, some steps have to be followed. They are :

The first and the foremost step before applying for a ration card is to know about the eligibility criteria thoroughly and adequately. The ration card application is not approved if any requirements are not met. Some essential standards are:

  • To be a permanent Uttar Pradesh citizen
  • To have age above eighteen years.
  • The individual can only apply for ration card if they are below the poverty line else it won’t be applicable.

The online portal of CSC ration Seva Kendra has to be visited to get a print out of the form that has to be submitted in the offline mode to the concerned authority.

  • It has to be noted that there are different types of applications available for rural and urban areas.
  • The application has to be adequately filled with all the asked information. The information is subject to cross-check; therefore, they must be correct at all times. The enclosure is required to be attached to the application which includes A passport-sized photograph of the head of the family, photocopy of the front page of the Bank passbook, a copy of the latest electricity bill, gas connection, etc., aadhaar card, etc.
  • Some necessary documents need to be attached to the application to submit it to the ration card office, the tehsil or the required authority.
  • The offline process needs a person to visit the office in person to submit the filled application alongside all the documents.
  • A provisional ration card is issued for the time being, or a receipt has been provided to the individual while the details are verified for ration card approval.

Documents required

A list of essential documents is required to be attached to the application for verification. The reports are verified before issuing the ration card to an individual. The records required are as follows:

  • Valid mobile no.
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN Card
  • Latest Photograph of the head of the family in passport size along with the other family members.
  • Income Certificate
  • Previous Electricity Bills
  • Gas Connection Details
  • Caste/ Category Certificate
  • Bank Passbook and photocopy of the first page of it.

In case any of the mentioned documents are not available or have any misleading information, the ration card is not generated.

In the case of individuals who have already applied for the UP ration card, they can check their card processing and details on the official website and track it.