Kik Messenger – Best Tips and Tricks

If you’re someone who enjoys texting, then you must download an app that allows you to text for free. Kik is one such App, which has an array of features and allows you to chat with anybody around the world. Whether you are new to Kik messenger or have used it for some time, we’ll tell you the best tips and secrets that will surely impress your friends. Below are the little tricks that can make the app more fun to use.


 #Earn Kik points

‘Kik points’ is one of the most recently added features of the Kik App. These points can be earned by participating in sponsored chats and activities. If you get a message from the ‘Kik Points Bot’, hit it with a reply. It’ll give you special opportunities to earn more Kik points.

#Read messages discreetly

Many users are put off by Kik’s reliance on ‘read’ notifications. However, if you’re on iOS or Windows phone, then there is a technique to read your messages without triggering that ‘read’ notification to pop up for the individual who messaged you. This requires you to enable push notifications. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to see each Kik notification for a new message with at least a partial copy of the message itself. Although this trick is restricted in its ability, it’s currently the only workaround to avoid causing read notifications.

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#Check whether Kik image is real

 Sadly, Kik is too frequently used by creeps trying to chat with girls. There is a tool is called TinEye, which allows you to upload any photo and it will look for literally billions of pictures to see if there are any duplicate photos on the web. If you find that the particular image has been used somewhere else that is not associated with their social profiles, then you’d know it’s a fake profile.

#Customize your Kik

‘Customization’ has not been fully explored by many users. Most IM applications don’t let you change how your interface looks, but Kik allows you to create the aesthetic to suit your own liking.

Go to settings and select ‘Chat Settings’. From here, you will be able to change the colour of the chat bubbles in your messaging interface as per your taste. You can enable ‘enter-key’ message sending and video auto-downloading. Additionally, you can use your Kik points to buy emojis from the Kik ‘Smiley Store’.

 #Chat with brands

Brands such as MTV, Spotify, and Buzzfeed etc. are all available on Kik Messenger. Popular companies and artists have made an attempt to keep in contact with their audiences using Kik. Simply search for the name of the brand in the profile search bar and you’ll be able to access them.

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#Share your profile

Most IM applications require you to use your phone number to set up a profile, but Kik Messenger only needs a unique username and an email address. If you want more people to reach out to you, then you can share your Kik profile through popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Simply, go to ‘Settings’ menu and you can select ‘Share your profile’, it’ll allow you to share a link of your Kik profile.

#Change your display name

Many users don’t know that you can easily set your display name to something different from your username. You just need to go to the Kik app’s ‘Settings’ menu. Select ‘Your account’ first and then select ‘Name’. From here, you can easily change your display name.

 #Protect your Kik in an emergency

You certainly don’t want anyone to access to your chat history if your mobile device is stolen or lost.

There’s an easy fix for this– simply login to your Kik profile from another device. Kik’s servers only allow you to be logged in on one device at once, so you’ll be automatically logged out from the Kik app on your lost phone.

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